Micro Switch and application in life

What is Micro Switch? is an electrical switch activated by very small physical forces, through the use of a stop mechanism, sometimes referred to as a “hub” mechanism. The switching occurs inevitably in the specific and repetitive positions of the actuator, which is not necessarily true of other mechanisms. They are very popular due to […]

There is more beautiful music life!

There is a more beautiful music life. Having music will help the soul to relax after the chaos of life. Music as an “invisible” friend is deeply ingrained in the human mind. From children to adults, there are their own musical genres, suitable for their needs and ages. Music makes life more joyful and lively […]

The benefits of laptop computers in life

The development of information technology allows people to have more and more convenient and modern electronic products, laptop computer is such a device. Although currently on the market the price segment for this product is relatively high and has a wide range of prices. However, based on extremely useful functions, many people are still willing […]

Top features of iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is a more premium version than the iPhone 11, instead of having a dual-camera system, the 11 Pro has a triple camera setup equipped with an additional telephoto lens. The addition of a faster telephoto lens can make a noticeable difference for mobile photographers/videographers. The Pro version of the iPhone 11 […]